Fuck Wikipedia, Uncyclopedia is veel leuker.

Over Nederland:

The Dutch hate Americans because the Dutch have tiny penises due to generations of inbreeding, and hence suffer from penis envy. Their nation is run by the Fascist Wicked, and she made laws against being a critic of the Dutch government, so the Dutch are critics of America instead. The Dutch support terrorism and help fund it via their sex slave, kiddie porn, and illegal drug markets. When the 911 attacks happened, it was on the Dutch Funniest Home Videos, and as entertainment they broadcast the beheadings of American citizens by terrorists, which have won many Dutch TV Awards.


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  1. De Dappere Man Zegt:


    Vooral leuk dat er bepaalde Rednecks zijn die bovenstaande quote onderschijven…. Zo mooi dat we superieur zijn aan dat volkje daar.

    Voor den Nerd

    1962 – President John F. Kennedy says “Moon we choose in this decade to go, easy not because of, but hard


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