Songtext van de week

Miracles – Hallo Venray

I can’t think of anything right now
I done it so many times
hoping for miracles
They don’t have to happen,yes it’s true but it’s the only thing I can do
Maybe they’ll be here soon

And if I’m somewhere else please call me So I can see
What they’ll be telling me

‘Till then well I’ll go on
And I’ll do without those miracles
And sing an old song

I find myself thinking of you
It’s like the only thing I can do
thinking about you
I told myself a thousand times that you’re not worth thinking of that you weren’t the one to

A thousand times or maybe more
Can’t stop how I feel
And what’s been before

But if you’d call I won’t come back
It wouldn’t be the same again
It wouldn’t be what we had
It wouldn’t be what we had
It wouldn’t be what we had



1 reactie op “Songtext van de week”

  1. MC Drank Zegt:

    Kijk eens aan: “Waardering komt met de tijd!”


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