Waarom werken

Stop! Think again. There is another way of looking at the world.

We propose that hard work and struggle are not a virtue, nor idleness and ease a sin. Did we come to this planet to struggle and toil? Or did we come here to experience JOY?

The choice is yours. You deserve a life of EASE and JOY. It is your birthright and you have the freedom to claim it, just as soon as you are ready.

Dit moet mensen toch aanspreken! Why Work?


2 reacties op “Waarom werken”

  1. KRL Zegt:

    Ik geloof dat ze zelf ook niet meer werken. Niet aan de internetpagina althans.

  2. RW Zegt:

    Thanx… gisteren deed ‘ie het wel.

    Moest .org zijn.


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