Time machine for sale

Grappig bedoelde aanbiedingen op veilingsites zijn al zo oud als de veilingsites zelf. De gemiddelde internetter heeft de meeste grappen inmiddels wel gezien.

Toch zit er zo nu en dan nog een parel tussen, bijvoorbeeld deze klassieker van een Nieuw-Zeelandse veilingsite:

Trademe.co.nz time machine offer

In late 2005, a member offered a “time machine” for sale through auction (or swap for an “anti gravity machine”), with the highest bid reaching $300,000,000,001,999. The seller withdrew the auction shortly before its close-time. News of the auction reached some New Zealand newspapers, which ran a story on it. This auction used to hold the record for the highest number of questions asked and answered.
(Bron: wikipedia)


1 reactie op “Time machine for sale”

  1. Peter Zegt:

    Leuk! De comments zijn ook de moeite waard:

    “Will this machine be capable of going forwards as well as backwards it time. I built one in 2052 that only went backwards and I haven’t been able to get back to my time. I need one that can go boths ways so I can come back to this time to feed the cat I have.”


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