Straycat Blues

Soms heb je zin in vuig, soms heb je zin in ruig.

Dit is één van mijn favoriete Stones-nummers (vuige versie):

En van dat nummer is ooit een cover uitgebracht door één van mijn favoriete bands (ruige versie):

Vandaag voel ik me meer vuig dan ruig.

Meezingen (Stones versie)
I hear the click-clack of your feet on the stairs
I know you ain’t no scare-eyed honey
There’ll be a feast if you just come upstairs

It’s no hanging matter
It’s no capital crime

I can see that you’re 13 years old (Soundgarden houdt het op 15)
No I don’t want your I.D.
You look so lonely and you’re so far from home

Oh yeah, you’re a strange stray cat
Oh yeah, though you fight like that
Oh yeah, you’re a strange stray cat
Bet your mama don’t know you fight like that
Bet she never saw you scratch my back

You look so lonely and you’re far from home
But you don’t really miss your mother
Don’t look so scared I’m no mad-brained bear

You say you got a friend, that she’s wilder than you
Why don’t you bring her upstairs
If she’s so wild then she can join in too


1 reactie op “Straycat Blues”

  1. Merino Zegt:

    “Soundgarden houdt het op 15”

    Ik hoor vooral dat er met dat zinnetje is ge-audiofuckt. Deze komt dus vast van de edited/radio-version.

    Van WikiLeaksPedia:

    The song is told from the perspective of a man lusting after and having sex with a 15 year old groupie, reasoning that “it’s no hanging matter, it’s no capital crime”.

    A live performance was captured during the Rolling Stones’ American Tour 1969 and released on the 1970 live album Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out! but, unlike the studio version, it is very slow and mellow sounding. Additionally, the lyrics are more provocative as the girl’s age was changed to 13.


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