F16 modelvliegtuig

A micro camera is installed onboard an r/c plane F-16. The camera transmit live the video to ground and I wear video goggle to fly the plane in real time like if I was in the cockpit. The camera replace the head of the pilot and the movement of the cam is control by the movement of my head on ground via a head mount gyroscope (head tracker)

The whole system cost me around $1500 including the plane. But it is many hours of hand made modifcation. You can start with simpler video system that cost around $500 and install it on your own r/c plane. Search for FPV on the web for more info about my hobby. I’m am the founder of FPV.

Aldus hobby Bob.


1 reactie op “F16 modelvliegtuig”

  1. Tripel B. Zegt:

    Wat cool! Ik was eigenlijk ook wel ge├â┬»nteresseerd in de “head mount gyroscope”. Jammer dat die niet in beeld is.


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