Brieven van Miriam #2

Hieronder mijn antwoord op de vorige brief van Miriam

Hello Miriam,

I’m sorry that it took a while for me to respond. My internetconnection was shut down for a few weeks. And since I lost my hearing due to a virus infection when I was 12 years old I could not contact my internet provider by phone. I had to write them. But now I am online again.

My full name is Andre Tampeloer. I am 43 years old and not married. I am a good Catholic.
I work for a small assurance company in Utrecht. I live in Amsterdam at H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 46.

Hopefuly I can help you to get out of your dreadful situation.

I wish you all the best!

Haar antwoord:


My Dear Uncle

How are you today?.I thank you so much for your lovely mail and all that you stated,I am very sorry for the call maybe it si from the network,it is my number.Anyway I will be glad that we move with speed so that the money can be transferred to your bank account this week. I am presently hiding in a churchguest home were people cannot trace easily and my feeding is just by charity help but that not my pressing problem now. I need this money to transfer to your account , so that I can be able to have a new life altogether and continue my education as well.I trusted you even though i have not met you but i belive that you will help and see this through.I have been in great difficulties and my only hope is this money with the Bank in their fixed deposit and that is why I needed someone that the lord will touch his mind to help me transfer this money and get me out from Africa and the total money is $5.5 Million US Dollar. As I told you in my previous email that I will be glad to give you 20% and 5% for the telephone call or any expenses we incurred.
I have meet with the bank director on saturday and he advice me that my age is too small and no one will listen to me and I made him to understand that I have an Uncle (Andre )who wants to help me and he told me that I should tell my Uncle to contact him so that he will advice us on how the transfer will take place.Please do not tell anyone about this cos i dont want people that kill my parents to kill me also,you kindly keep this secret untill the money is transfred and you bring me up to your country.

I have also attached in this mail the bank deposit slips (1) (2) that my father handed over to me and together with the bank agreement and my ID.
You contact the bank and forward to them the Bank documents to prove to them that you are my Uncle.

Bellow are the contact of the bank.
TEL: +22 505 143 391
FAX: +22 522 437 172
EMAIL : or

Please don’t fail to contact the bank so that they will advice us on how to proceed with the transfer immediately and the Bank director will be glad to hear from you. I don’t want to stay in this country anymore.
Please call me as soon as you have these Documents.My number is +22507682728 .

Thank you and May God bless you.

Twee dagen later kreeg ik een enigszins ongeduldige mail van Miriam:


Dear Uncle

How are you today,i have been worried ever since,i came this morning to check on your mail but to my surprise you did not write me.Please have you call the Bank.Have you contacted Edmund hillary of Bank of africa here?If you have not i advice you call him today please so that he will effect the transfer today.

I am dying here and want to come and meet with you soon.

Thank you and God bless.


Toen heb ik Edmund Hillary maar eens aangeschreven:

Dear Edmund,

I would like to help Miriam Kolo (you met her saturday). What can I do? How must we proceed to help her?

Yours sincerely,

Andre Tampeloer

En nog dezelfde dag kreeg ik antwoord:

From the desk of : Dr. Edmund Hilary (Director) +225 05 14 33 91

Attention:Mr.Andre Tampeloer



This is to confirm the receipt of your mail to my office this afternoon with regards to the inheritance deposit estate of our late customer Mr.Robert Kolo. We wish to confirm that the inheritance sum was deposited with our bank as fixed deposit and Miriam Kolo indicated as the inheritor. Mr.Robert Kolo left a written instruction that the funds were to be transferred to a foreigner who is the appointed custodian to his daughter within the international transfer laws of our country.

The financial laws of Cote D’Ivoire with regards to this inheritance fund transfer stipulates that a resident financial attorney is required to procure the federal high court affidavits of fund ownership claim and transfer legalization documents before the transfer could be affected to your account.

Consequently, I have intimated young Miriam Kolo of this important procedure and advise that you get in contact with a renowned and respected attorney with whom we have a good working relationship. His contact details are as follows:

Name:Maitre Williams Francois
Tel/Fax: 225 05 22 60 17

He will work for you and assist you in getting the required documents that will back upon your claim and subsequent transfer of the money to your account. As soon as these items are provided, we will transfer the fund (Principal and accumulated interest) to your nominated account without any problem.

We await your response to this message.

Thank you and best regards,

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Edmund Hilary (BOA-Abidjan CI).

Ik zal een fijne e-mail terugsturen. Ik houd u op de hoogte!