Ask Billie

Ask Billie

Brandende vragen? Stel ze aan Billie de dronken dwerg zonder armen. De man retourneert gegarandeerd een bevredigend antwoord.

Billie heeft inmiddels een brandende vraag van Merino beantwoord:

Merino from Amsterdam wants to know: I’m thinking about starting a wombat-farm. Breeding wombats could be a very satisfiable enterprise, in my opinion. Peolple then can rent a wombat to pet it, go for a walk, paint it green and stuff. Do you think the sight of people walking a wombat around Amsterdam could render a succesful new tourist-phenomenon that will atract thousands of people from around the world who will make me stinking, filthy rich?

Billie says: no wombats, no green, no tourism; at least not the way you’re marketing them to me. however, there might be a way to market it as a new brand of weed, by a sack get a wombat to love, something. but i tell you what: i might be in amsterdam for the cannabis cup, so email me at to set something, cuz i’d love to dance around in a sex museum with a green wombat, but only if it is trained to fetch prostitutes or easy pussy, later drug user jah love–when i’m rastifarian that is


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