Songtext van de week

Miracles – Hallo Venray

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En voor de muzikanten onder u eveneens de akkoorden

(E) I can’t think of anything right (Cism) now
I (A) done it so many times (B) hoping for miracles
They (E) don’t have to happen, yes it’s (Cism) true
but it’s the (A) only thing I can (B) do
Maybe they’ll be here soon (Cism)

And if I’m (Gis) somewhere else please (Cism) call me so I can (Fism) see
What (B) they’ll be telling me (E)

‘Till then well I’ll go (Cism) on
And I’ll (A) do without those miracles
(B) And sing an old (E) song

(E) I find myself thinking (Cism) of you
It’s like the (A) only thing I can do (B) thinking about (E) you
I told myself a thousand (Cism) times
that (A) you’re not worth thinking (B) of
that you weren’t the one to love (Cism)

A thousand (Gis) times or maybe (Cism) more
Can’t stop how (Fism) I feel
And what’s (B) been before (E)

But if you’d call I won’t come (Cism) back
It (A) wouldn’t be the same again (B)
It wouldn’t be what we (E) had (Cism)
It wouldn’t be what we (A) had (B)
It wouldn’t be what we (E) had


1 reactie op “Songtext van de week”

  1. MC Drank Zegt:

    Welk een prachtstuk muziek! Eén van mijn all-time favorites! Heerlijk hoe die Henk Koorn zingt!!!


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